The day care center Amaltheia participates in the NSRF program "Harmonization of family and professional life”. As part of this program, our facilities are more than satisfactory:
More specifically:

  • Everyday Activities
    English, music prep, proscription, pre-reading, computers, music and dance education, theater, sports and play, drawing, puppetry. The kindergarten follows the program of the Ministry of Education.

  • Transportation-Breakfast
    Our station has a school bus and is responsible for the safe transportation of children to and from our school from 6:45 am until 17:00. Moreover, breakfast is provided daily to the children, including fresh milk, fresh cakes and pastries, fresh bread with honey, biscuits and fruit.

  • Associates
    -Speech Therapist
    -Child Psychologist
    -Pediatric Dentist
    -Parents Education Group

  • Field Trips
    -Horse riding
    -Museum visits
    -Watching theatrical plays
    -Visits twice per month to places associated with the training program of each month
    ​(e.g. the White Tower, the airport, the railways, the zoo etc.)