The doors to knowledge are many
And they are all wide open.
Each will lead you
Down a unique path
All the keys are given to you
But you will decide
Which paths you will follow
And where you will eventually end up
Our Little Angel.

Thus defeating your ego
Our Little Angel
You will find for sure
The path to your Ithaca.

The transition of the child from the Family to the Wider society of the School is performed responsibly, with full support and respect to the personality and needs of each child. In this environment of safety and intimacy children create strong relationships of trust, friendship and camaraderie with their peers and with their teacher.

Self-awareness - Autonomy
We know our bodies, we recognize and identify our feelings. We cultivate our talents step by step. We acquire autonomy and see ourselves the way we are, with both our flaws and our strengths.

Mind and Personality development
Leading your life as part of the crowd can be easy, but retaining your uniqueness is a rewarding process.

Together we will learn, my little angel, to make our choices based not on what other people do but on our own feelings, our own values ​​and our own needs. We will learn how to avoid being puppets, how to be unique, and set our own path.

The Teachers
"To teach is to touch a life forever"
We approach the children’s education with this thought always in mind.
With responsibility, seriousness and sincerity. Because we have to respect, look after, support and admire the world of Tomorrow!

With the process of observation and the assistance of experience, we learn to understand, evaluate and utilize data and the stimuli from our environment accordingly, and ultimately act often not in the expected way, discovering new uses for objects and different dimensions of things. Come on Our Little Angel, join us in the exploration of our world and the discovery of hidden treasures.
Experiential Learning
We are actively involved through a series of activities (game, discussion, re-enactment etc.) in order for knowledge to spring effortlessly from the experience of the action or the child's daily life.